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Chelsea Garden Walk




Every other year the Chelsea Area Garden Club hosts a Garden Walk, offering the public the opportunity to see other people’s garden inspirations. This year, ten stunning gardens in the Chelsea community will be open for a self-paced tour on Saturday, July 17, from 10 am to 4 pm.

Chelsea’s unique natural resources are showcased in the selected gardens. Several of the gardens are on lakefront properties and are inspired by English cottage gardens with climbing roses and old fashioned perennials. Also featured is a garden reminiscent of the Provence region with a young vineyard and fields of lavender. Two gardens within the Chelsea city limits are unique urban gardens. One is a secret garden with many different garden rooms and the other is a lush pocket garden filled with layers of color and best of all, requires minimal lawn maintenance. The beautifully maintained gardens at the Chelsea Retirement Community are the only public gardens on the tour. All of the remaining gardens are private and only available for viewing on this day.

An exciting new feature for this year’s Garden Walk is a partnership with Aberdeen Bike and Outdoors in Chelsea. Suggested bike routes to access the garden sites will be available at Aberdeen to those attendees who want to bike the scenic roads leading out to the more rural garden sites.

Walk participants will be able to enjoy music and art at some of the sites. Several area artists will be painting in the gardens and local musicians will be playing music at other locations. This will surely add to the ambiance of the day as one strolls through these beautiful gardens.

Tickets with maps identifying the sites are $10 and are available at the Garden Mill, the Potting Shed, and Aberdeen Bike prior to the day of the event. On the day of the Walk, tickets will be sold at the garden sites. Another feature for this year, Garden Walk attendees will receive discounts and specials at participating businesses listed on the back of the ticket. So, rain or shine, come spend the day in Chelsea inspired by beautiful gardens, and explore what the city has to offer.

All proceeds raised benefit Chelsea Area Garden Club’s civic beautification projects and provide funds for community horticultural grants. For further information, please contact Trinh Pifer at the Garden Mill, 734 475-3539 or visit CAGC’s website at

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